Medical Emergency Alert Systems

Get Help Fast

Our Medical Emergency Alert Systems are designed to support folks in their home environment.  Help can be summoned in an emergency by pressing the button on the pendant. Once the pendant is pressed, you will be able to communicate with the monitoring center through the pendant. They will contact someone from your call list or dispatch help as needed.



Basic Monthly Monitoring is just



The Medical Emergency Alert system includes a small base unit and an alert pendant.  The pendant can be worn as a necklace, with the wristband, or on a belt clip and is water resistant and can even be worn in the shower.

The pendant has a 600-foot radius from the monitoring unit.  This means you are most likely covered when taking the trash out, working in the garden or walking to the mailbox.  You can easily test your pendant to see if you are in range.

The flexibility of the pendant allows you to maintain your freedom knowing help is just a “button press” away. The monitoring center will have your complete information.  Depending on your situation if you ever need help, they will notify an individual on your call list or call for emergency services immediately if an ambulance is needed.


Let us know when you’re ready for your Medical Emergency Alert System!

*No equipment purchase required. Poka Lambro Security retains ownership of the basic system equipment which is to be returned to Poka Lambro in good working condition if/when this service is disconnected.
This service is offered in conjunction with a Poka Lambro Security System but can be installed as a stand-alone system.