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Broadcast Messaging

Do you own or manage a business or organization? Do you have a large group of customers, employees, or members to keep informed? Use Broadcast Messaging as a powerful automated messaging service that will deliver phone calls, e-mails, and even text messages! Send non-pay reminders, meeting reminders, weather cancellations, service changes, outages, and appointment reminders to large groups with ease. Pick your monthly plan based on your number of contacts and pay a fixed monthly fee.

With Broadcast Messaging, all of your notifications can be managed through an easy-to-use web portal. With a wide variety of settings and reporting options, it is guaranteed to save you and your staff time and money. At Poka Lambro, we use it to notify our employees of safety meetings, construction, special events, and more. It is ideal for service companies, doctor’s offices, school districts, government entities, and so many more!


Call us today to get the voicemail service that’s right for you, and never miss an important call again. Our voicemail service includes simple & secure access, voicemail to e-mail, and remote access from any phone. Our Enhanced Voicemail Service includes all of the Basic Voicemail features plus web portal access, sub-mailboxes, and scheduled greetings.


Conduct meetings with people across the city, state, or country with ease. We provide simple instructions, a dial-in number, and unique conference identification number. Administrators will be granted special access allowing them to start and end the call and even mute callers as needed. Choose our Basic or On Demand service based on your conferencing needs.

Terminating Call Manager

Terminating call manager screens out calls from telemarketers, polling services, auto-dialers and other nuisance callers. Pre-select numbers to block, and add new callers to your block list by simply dialing a code after the call. Enjoy a peaceful home with calls from approved callers instead of solicitors.

  • You determine what callers to allow and block
  • Manage easily through your phone or web portal
  • “Do Not Disturb” feature offers peace & privacy
  • Just $3 per month!