Poka Lambro Custom Security

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Custom Security

We are proud to offer state-of-the-art security systems with smart device access, 24-hour monitoring, and free installation. Our Security Professionals will answer all of your questions and recommend the ideal equipment for your home, business, barn, or garage. Choose from Custom equipment like doorbell cameras, wi-fi security cameras, alarm sirens, and more. We have what you need to protect the people and places that matter to you.
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Smart Solutions & Video Monitoring

With Smart Solutions from Poka Lambro, you can control and view your home or business from any smart mobile device or internet-connected device. Our Video Monitoring is the perfect solution for surveillance – inside or out. Our high-quality cameras allow you to view live video anytime, record a video replay, and program your system to record based on the specific events you select. For example, set your system to begin recording when motion is detected, or when a door is opened. You can choose to receive alerts via text, e-mail, or a phone call. You set the rules!

You can also control your thermostat, lighting and other appliances from anywhere with our Smart Solutions controls. A Smart Home is no longer a home of the future… with Smart Solutions, it’s a home of today.

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