Terms and Conditions of Internet Service Agreement

By selecting free installation, customer agrees to a 12 month service agreement for broadband Internet.  If service is canceled within the 12 month service agreement, the installation charge will be applied based on a pro-ration of the service agreement term. (1/12th of the installation charge per month).  Disconnection for Poka Lambro telephone service may result in the disconnection of my broadband Internet service as well.  Such disconnection by non-payment will cause early termination of my broadband Internet service agreement, resulting in the application of installation charges.

I agree that I will pay Poka Lambro any installation charges due immediately upon termination or cancellation of my Poka Lambro service. If I do not tender physical payment in cash for the Termination Fee at the time my Poka Lambro High Speed Internet Access account is terminated or canceled, and my subscription ends prior to the 12-month commitment, I agree that Poka Lambro is authorized to charge the Termination Fee as well as any outstanding monthly fees. In addition, Poka Lambro reserves any other legal rights and remedies it may have to ensure performance under this agreement. I acknowledge and agree that Poka Lambro may terminate my High Speed Internet Service if I violate this Agreement, but in such event I will be required to pay the Termination Fee as described herein. I may designate my preferred credit card account, but I understand and agree that Poka Lambro may charge any of my credit card accounts, and I authorize the issuer of any card account to which Poka Lambro charges the Termination Fee to add that amount to my account balance. I understand that upon completion of a 12-month service agreement, High Speed Internet Services will continue on a month-to-month basis thereafter until terminated. I agree that this is Agreement will be governed by the laws of the State of Texas and I consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the Courts of Lynn County, Texas in all disoutes arising out of or relating to this agreement. My consent below authorizes Poka Lambro or its designee to verify my creditworthiness by obtaining a credit report, or by directly contacting banks, lending institutions, and suppliers in connection to this initial application and for a continuing verification or creditworthiness until this account is paid in full or this authorization is revoked in writing. By consenting below, I warrant that I am 18 years old or older and that all information supplied by or about me is accurate. As more fully explained above, I agree to pay the Termination Fee if I end my Poka Lambro High Speed Internet Service Subscription before the end of the period associated with my contract term. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions set forth above and in the Poka Lambro Acceptable Use Policy for Internet Services.